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Pick Up or Delivery / In Home or at a Business

24 hours a day / 7 days a week

by appointment

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Computer and Electronic Services for the working people of Hood County.


Assessments will be made via telephone or in home visit. Most problems with computers are simple. We will help repair your computer or let you know if you simply need to replace it! 



Just Mali


Repair, Installation, Configure, Back Up, or Consultations

Over 10 years of hands on professional and personal computer services.


Personal and Professional Computer Services


Affordable, Dependable, and a Real People Person


No time? No problem! We can work with your schedule!


Teaching people to help each other the old fashioned way!

This website is designed to assist citizens of Hood County, TX in promoting small business entrepreneurs who don't have the means, the knowledge, or connections to get done what they need in order to prosper. The computer services we offer are simply a way to earn money while we network with like minded individuals in order to support one another. This is not a who's who or who has what company, this is a real philanthropy company that cares not for social status but personal accountability. Good people who want to be surrounded by good people without the fake, without the politics, and with limited government involvement. Where there is will, there is a way! We are American by birth and Texans by choice! 

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